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5 inch gauge Polly IV for completion - stock code 5044

A 5 inch gauge "Polly IV", the locomotive largely assembled, the tender currently as shipped in kit form. The work of a man who sadly didn't live to see the fruits of his labours, the engine has been left in less than ideal conditions resulting in a fine layer of surface rust over running boards, cab roof and sundry other places - it cleans off easily with Scotchbrite, although dismantling to do the job properly would be a good idea. The engine is tight to turn over, I suspect this is not unrelated to the aforementioned rust in its important little places - somebody has, in the past, had a go at turning the back axle with something like Stilsons, not something we normally recommend to free off stuck pistons, dismantling, cleaning and reassembly is the answer.

The engine appears largely complete, although with some missing parts - from what we can see, this amounts to:

Safety valve
Fountain with injector & blower steam valves
Clack valves
Pressure gauge
Grate & ashpan
Three tender axleboxes

If you're short of money but got time available in the workshop, with the exception of the pressure gauge these could all be knocked up for little cost. If, conversely, you've got money but no time then those nice people at Polly would, no doubt, be delighted to sell you the missing bits.

Complete with original assembly instructions. I won't got into all the detailed specification guff for this one - there are Pollys in profusion in the archive, Polly Engineering have their own super website which will tell you everything you could possibly want to know about the Polly IV here.

gauge 5 inch