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5 inch gauge Polly 2 - stock code 2673

An excellent example of a Polly 2, one of the well regarded range of engines originally designed by John Clarke, now manufactured by Polly Engineering. I've had several Pollys, they go particularly well, an easy engine both to look after and drive.

This engine was bought by a retired gentleman in my club. It has been meticulously looked after, spending much of its time in his living room on a piece of display track he built for it. When travelling to the track it has a purpose-built carrying stand, which clamps the locomotive securely for carrying in a car.

It is in as-new condition mechanically and runs particularly well, there are several useful additions, including a derailing bar and quick change coupling for the hand pump connection to the tender. The paintwork and lining was well executed and is in good condition, with one or two minor scratches.

Silver soldered superheated copper boiler, feed by axle pump and injector with auxiliary hand pump in side tank. Slide valve cylinders with Stephenson's valve gear, pole reverser in cab. Mechanical lubricator on running board. Working pressure 90psi.

Polly Engineering have a page of blurb about the engine here - they rate it as coping with six passengers and 10 foot radius curves, ideal for a garden railway.

The engine comes complete with carrying stand, display track and a braked driving truck by Ride On Railways - again in as-new condition.

At 78 years old, the owner has decided to sell in order to concentrate on building his 1 1/2 inch scale Allchin and threshing machine, a recently started project which is already making remarkable progress. I only wish I still had his energy.

Locomotive 26 inches
Tender 17 inches

gauge 5 inch