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5 inch gauge Peckett - stock code 4485

No idea why the ubiquitous industrial 0-4-0 saddle tanks that ran around everywhere in this country throughout the twentieth century are so under-represented in the model world.

This is a nicely-proportioned engine, a typical industrial 0-4-0 which, from the accumulation of dust between the frames, has spent many years on display – the last owner hadn’t run it. Fit and finish of the motionwork is good, the machining work throughout is to a good standard. The copper boiler is silver-soldered, with soft-solder calking to stays. Paintwork lets down a well-made engine horribly, it was possibly done by the local primary school, who thought green buffers would be a good idea.

The engine runs on air, it’s stiff through lack of use and needs a serious clean and oil round before attempting to run it for any prolonged period.

Length 23 inches

gauge 5 inch