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5 inch gauge part-built "Torquay Manor" - stock code 2886

A well made example of a Great Western 4-6-0 to Martin Evans' "Torquay Manor" design. There is at least one engine here and a good bit of another - the original builder had a mind to do a pair. Since they arrived, Siamese twin-like in a variety of boxes, conjoined at the wheels and axles, I've decided not to attempt to split them up.

Work to date comprises a rolling chassis, boiler, smokebox with front ring, door, saddle and chimney, set of machined slide valve cylinders with guide bars, a fair bit of motion work and set of tender frames with machined wheels.

The second engine includes at least a set of machined driving wheels with axles, axleboxes and hornstays, chimney, smokebox, front bogie part made with machined wheels, slide valves, eccentric sheaves and straps, set of boiler tubes.

There's a large quantity of bits in a box which appear to make at least one and possibly two sets of brake gear and other sundry bits.

Complete with one set of drawings.

If you want to see a nice finished one, there are some pictures in the archive.

gauge 5 inch