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5 inch gauge part-built Nigel Gresley - stock code 5193

A well-advanced North Eastern 2-8-0 to Martin Evans’ “Nigel Gresley” design, comprising a complete chassis, tender chassis with brakes and a commercially-built silver-soldered copper boiler. Work to date is to a high standard throughout, fit and finish of valve gear is good, axles run in split boxes.

This would be a straightforward project to complete, producing one of the rarer-modelled prototypes. In this day and age when everybody wants to build glamorous express engines it’s easy to overlook the sheer driveability of a powerful eight-coupled locomotive coupled to a short, low tender.

Complete with a set of drawings and most of the original “Model Engineer” construction articles. Castings are available from Reeves.

(Note that the parts and castings shown in the pictures below show a grate, ashpan and firing irons - these actually belong to a Simplex built by the same man and belong to that engine not this one - only found out when firing the Simplex for boiler test yesterday and couldn't find its grate)

Locomotive 41 inches
Tender 24 inches

gauge 5 inch