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5 inch gauge part-built Minx - stock code 2453

Serialised in the "Model Engineer" alongside his well-regarded "Maid of Kent", "Minx" was a goods version of the engine which builds up into a big, powerful engine - freelance, though in LBSC's normal way well-proportioned and with entirely plausible prototype looks.

To say this engine has been a long time in gestation would be something of an understatement - suffice to say that, rather than drawings, there are a full set of blueprints with it. Started over thirty years ago, and taken over by his friend when the original builder stopped, the engine is, at last, somewhere close to lighting the first fire!

Complete air-running chassis, inside cylinders with slide valves on top actuated by Joy valve gear, pole reverser in cab. Rod-operated drain cocks. Mechanical lubricator behind front buffer beam. Axle pump driven by eccentric on middle axle.

Professionally-built silver-soldered copper boiler by Morewood, fitted with four superheater flues. Ashpan and grate completed.

The entire chassis has light surface rusting from poor storage, but turns over very smoothly with good exhaust beats - it really needs stripping, cleaning and reassembling - this will need to be done for painting anyway. Cab and running boards are substantially complete, the boiler requires lagging.

The tender is largely complete, requiring plumbing and a hand pump.

A very straightforward project to finish off with very little machining left to do - the bulk of the work left consists of plumbing, platework and painting. I haven't driven a Minx, although I rate the 4-4-0 sister engine "Maid of Kent" highly - definitely one of the master's brighter designs. Drawings and castings are still available from Reeves.

Locomotive 34 inches
Tender 24 inches

gauge 5 inch