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5 inch gauge part-built "Metre Maid" - stock code 4159

A particularly well-made “Metre Maid”, 0-6-0 version of the highly-popular “Sweet Pea” design. Work to date is to a high standard and comprises:

  • Rolling chassis, roller bearing axle boxes, wheels quartered, coupling rods fitted – fitting work is excellent, the chassis runs along with the gentlest one-fingered push
  • Reverser stand erected
  • Smokebox, saddle, door and chimney fitted
  • Pump and eccentric sheave, strap and rod machine and fitted – this needs some adjustment, as currently there is about the thickness of a coat of paint’s clearance between the strap and frame stretcher
  • Motion brackets machined and fitted
  • Weighshaft and slide blocks machined and fitted
  • Set of cast iron cylinders, bored, faced and all ports machined
  • Silver soldered copper boiler with hydraulic test certificate
  • Laser cut cab kit
  • Complete set of drawings

The engine could be completed for little extra expenditure other than some boiler fittings and material for a water tank (however for those without the time to finish this one, a running “Metre Maid” has just come in which will be listed in the next week or two).

gauge 5 inch