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5 inch gauge part-built LMS "Duchess" - stock code 3670

A mammoth project at the best of times the building of a four cylinder Duchess, the accomplished builder of this well-advanced project didn't make life any easier for himself by making the motionwork and many of the ancilliary compents out of stainless steel - he's made a fine job and got a good finish, but it was a labour of love spread over many years.

The chassis itself is a decent piece of work, it's largely complete, needing the inner connecting rod big end caps fitting. It turns over freely, wheels are accurately quartered and rods nicely fitted. Walschaert's gear is fitted outside, the inside valves are actuated by rockers from their outside neighbours - motionwork is complete right back to the screw reverser, complete with authentic locking bar. There is the beginnings of a large four chamber mechanical lubricator for the cylinders, dummy Wakefields are fitted to the running boards.

The steam brake cylinder is fitted, along with all braking gear to the locomotive wheels.

The tender is largely complete, again mainly in stainless, complete with a man-sized hand pump fitted to the top at the rear.

In addition to the fitted parts, there is a box of loose components including some early stage cladding and cab platework, machined chimney, formed sheetmetal dome and steam pipe covers, oilers etc.

There is a boiler, but again appears to be out of stainless steel - whilst I can't argue with the execution, the theory is somewhat flawed, so I would think of it in terms of something handy to hold the workshop door open rather than a vessel in which to boil water...

Locomotive 48 inches
Tender 26 inches

gauge 5 inch