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5 inch gauge part-built GWR 1361 0-6-0ST - stock code 5180

A highly-detailed GWR 1361 0-6-0 saddle tank, constructed from works drawings and what I suspect were the builder's own patterns and castings. Work to date is to a high standard - another one of those projects where, the longer you look, the more you see. Split cast iron axleboxes, the split lines barely visible such is the quality of fit. A rivetted and calked saddle tank, as per prototype, finely wrought in brass with scale-sized rivets in ruler-straight lines, lifting eyes and mounting pads beneath with mountings for flanged water pipes. Valve eccentric sheaves are split, bolted together and keyed to the axle, straps are split and fitted with a shim - again typical of prototype practice. Flanged and bolted exhaust pipes, correctly profiled crossheads, gibbed and cottered big ends, finely profiled guide bars...

Boiler is silver-soldered, fitted with superheaters - quality of flanging and soldering is good. Backhead has one clack valve and fittings for the standard Great Western atomiser valve for sight feed lubricators.

It's obviously hasn't been worked on for some years, the motion is stiff to turn over and would want stripping and lubricating before going much further. That said, save for the cost of a lubricator and boiler fittings, it could be completed for little extra expenditure to produce a very fine quality model of a rarely-modelled prototype, equally at home either in a display case or out on the track.

Length 27 inches

gauge 5 inch