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5 inch gauge part-built "Crampton" - stock code 4170

A design of seemingly effortless whimsy, I'm always amazed that these were as successful as they were, with several hundred of the full-sized engines built and sold (mainly abroad, admittedly).

This is an early stage build of one of Mr Thomas Cramptons 4-2-0 express engines. His great idea (I think it would probably be termed his "unique selling point" nowadays, horrible expression) was to put the driving wheels behind the boiler allowing it to be mounted low down, improving stability on the narrow gauge (that's 4' 8 1/2" - this was 1850 and they were still arguing that seven foot was the way to go).

Work to date comprises:

  • Set of frames erected complete with smokebox assembly and highly distinctive buffer beam with circular cutout to allow clearance for the smokebox doors (I told you the boiler was mounted low down)

  • Set of flanged copper boiler plates, tubes and barrel

  • Complete tender with brass tank, wood-block brakes, pipework for water feeds

  • Machined locomotive leading wheels on axles

  • Pair connecting rods with brasses

  • Set valve eccentric sheaves, straps and rods, size large, expansion links

  • Motion brackets

  • Safety valve bonnet and chimney cap

  • Regulator assembly

  • Crossheads

  • Platework part finished, including splashers, spectacle plate, footplate

  • Sundry small parts, hand brake column, weighshaft, valves, axleboxes etc and a pair of unmachined driving wheel castings

There is a set of drawings and copies of "Engineering in Miniature" containing the construction series. Work to date has been well done, this would make an interesting project to complete.

A fairly rare model, I haven't had a complete one of these in (would love one, if only to know how it went), but there are some pictures of a well-advanced project I sold a few years ago in the archive.

gauge 5 inch