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5 inch gauge part-built B1 - stock code 2932

A well-made example of Martin Evans' "Springbok" design for an LNER B1, comprising:

  • Rolling chassis, wheels accurately quartered and dowelled, front bogie complete, coupling rods fitted

  • Gunmetal piston valve cylinders machined and fitted, complete with pistons, valves, rods, guide bars and crossheads

  • Cab

  • Running boards

  • 80% complete tender

  • Sundry small parts, including twin ram mechanical lubricator, dome, brake components, buffers etc

The chassis pushes along very freely, work to date is to a good standard. It comes with a complete set of the "Model Engineer" articles detailing construction (73 issues in total) and a new set of drawings.

This must be one of Evans' most popular designs - many have been built, they make up into a large, powerful engine. Castings are available from both Reeves and Blackgates.

Locomotive 39 inches
Tender 26 inches

gauge 5 inch