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5 inch gauge part-built 0-4-0 c/w boiler kit - stock code 3675

The origins of this engine are somewhat obscure, the last owner didn't know what it was and I'm not too sure either - possibly an "Ajax", although frames aren't really the right shape. I'm sure one of my better-informed readers will let us know.

Basically it's a Walschaert's gear 0-4-0 tank engine, cylinder and motion fitted to one side, the other cylinder and motion is in the box of bits - it looks as if there is enough to bolt together a running chassis with little further machining work. There are castings for smokebox front and back, dome and safety valve cover, along with a complete flanged boiler kit, cladding sheets for the cylinders and miscellaneous machined bits including reverser and brake stand.

Length 24 inches
Driving wheels 4 1/8 inch diameter tread
Boiler barrel 4 1/2 inch OD x 10 inches long
Tubes 21 off 3/8 diameter, 2 off 3/4 inch diameter superheater flues

gauge 5 inch