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5 inch gauge Pannier tank - stock code 2238

A 5 inch gauge model of one of Churchward's open cab Pannier tanks which entered service in 1896. Based on "Pansy", the last design LBSC completed, in 1958.

Silver-soldered copper boiler fed by injector, crosshead pump and auxiliary hand pump under footplate. The injector and crosshead pump are arranged for feed from a tank mounted on a driving trolley, the handpump picks up from the tanks.

Inside slide valve cylinders with Stephensons valve gear, pole reverser in cab. Mechanical lubricator behind front buffer beam, with an auxiliary hand-operated oil pump on the footplate plumbed down to the valve chest - a nice touch for priming and giving the cylinders a squirt of oil at the end of the day.

Mechanical brakes with screw-down handle mounted on the front of the bunker.

This is an older engine, unused for the last twelve years. The paint is tired in places and it requires some tidying up, but the engine is well-made, nicely detailed and in good mechanical order. It was a sunny Sunday morning yesterday, so as this one was closest to the door it came out for a run - it goes very well, David and I played until lunchtime when it was time to put the toys away and get cleaned up ready for the village fete (see the news page for steam interest there!).

Weight approx 130 pounds

gauge 5 inch