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5 inch gauge Pacific - stock code 5131

A large, well-advanced four cylinder Pacific of freelance design, the work of an experienced engineer with several other locomotives to his credit. Largely Duchess-inspired (frames, boiler, wheels, cylinder layout), the front bogie has more than a hint of Swindon, valves are actuated by Baker gear. From the cutouts in the frames the intention looked to be to drive the inside valves, again Duchess-fashion, from the rear of the outside valve spindles via rockers.

Work to date is good beneath the muck. Boiler is silver soldered throughout with neatly flanged plates and good solder penetration throughout. The chassis pushes along freely, the inside cylinders have connecting rods fitted to the crank axle, there are a pair of axle pumps.

Lots of work to finish, but the potential to make a mighty great locomotive.

Length 51 inches

gauge 5 inch