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5 inch gauge OS four truck Shay - stock code 7077

Whilst we've had a number of OS models through the works over the years, this is the first time I've ever actually seen one of their 5 inch gauge Lima Locomotive Works Shays in the metal. Possibly the only one in the UK, this one was bought twenty years ago and has been kept, unsteamed, on display in the house ever since.

Like everything they produce, the OS Shay is highly detailed and beautifully engineered - pretty much what you'd expect from a company who've produced world class model aeroplane engines for decades. It's a three cylinder, four truck design - the ride-on tender has a seat and detachable footrests, all wheels are powered, with a supremely elegant system of unhitching, you simply drop the couple pin out, slide the drive shaft from its socket and the tender can be lifted away.

Silver soldered copper boiler, 90psi working pressure, twin pop type safety valves, feed by double acting axle pump with auxiliary hand pump - the engine is also fitted with the optional steam pump. Chime whistle mounted underneath cab. Three gunmetal cylinders with piston valves actuated by Stephenson's gear with pole reverser in the cab, mechanical lubricator. The main wheels run on needle roller bearings, the engine is fitted with steam and hand-operated mechanical brakes. Optional 3 volt turbo generator mounted on top of the boiler.

We haven't run this one, however there are several videos on YouTube including this one which is interesting and show an OS Shay running with some very nice rolling stock on a scenic railway. Haven't got a clue what the chap's talking about, but I thank him for making an interesting film!

Complete with original manufacturer's documentation.

Overall length 65 inches

Locomotive 150 pounds
Tender 71 pounds

gauge 5 inch