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5 inch gauge NY&HRR 4-4-0 - stock code 8083

We sold this engine back in 2012, it's recently come back in part exchange. Still in the same, excellent condition - it remains one of the nicest examples of this design I've seen. Words below and pictures opposite are from last time it was here - it's in the same condition now (if anything slightly more polished!)

A beautifully-built 5 inch gauge NY&HRR 4-4-0 to John Clarkes well-regarded design, in fine mechanical order.

Silver soldered copper boiler with superheaters, 90 psi working pressure. Slide valves actuated by Stephensons gear with pole reverser in the cab, sight feed lubricator in cab.

The engine has had success in efficiency competitions in the past, winning the Birmingham Clubs event and placing 7th in IMLEC, no mean feat for a 4-4-0 (albeit one seriously ballasted, such that the locomotive itself is a substantial two-man lift).

The engine is well-painted and nicely detailed its been sitting on a windowsill at the house for the last few months where its been much-admired, Mrs P has now decided that she'd like to look at a recently-arrived Royal Scot instead so this one is ready to go back on the track.

Complete with a pair of carrying crates for locomotive and tender.
gauge 5 inch
length/inches 39 + 21
weight/kg 65
wheel material cast iron, 6 inch diameter
axlebox type plain bearing
valve type slide
valve gear Stephensons
reverser type pole
lubricator type displacement with sight feed
injector(s) 2
boiler number N73-90-157
year built 1985
boiler maker non-commercial
CE mark n/a - pre-2002
working pressure/psi 90
boiler type locomotive
boiler material copper
boiler construction silver soldered
hydraulic test valid to 19/Jun/22
superheater(s) yes
safety valve(s) 1
safety valve type spring