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5 inch gauge NY&HRR 4-4-0 - stock code 3623

A finely made New York & Hudson River Railroad wood-burning 4-4-0 to John Clarke's design. Highly detailed, including beautifully done rivet work, lamps, check chains on the bogies, opening toolboxes and a full complement of logs in the tender.

Silver soldered copper boiler, feed by twin crosshead pumps and injector with auxiliary double-acting hand pump in the tender. Slide valve cylinders, Stephenson's valve gear with pole reverser in cab. Twin sight feed lubricators. Working steam brakes.

The engine has been steamed twice and is in as-new condition - workmanship is to an excellent standard throughout.

Locomotive 103 pounds
Tender 40 pounds

Locomotive 39 inches
Tender 21 inches

Driving wheels 6 inch diameter

gauge 5 inch