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5 inch gauge ModelWorks GWR Prairie - stock code 3035

Not really the most scintillating set of photographs, there's a limit to just how creative you can get taking pictures of cardboard boxes.

This is a complete set of kits for a ModelWorks 5 inch gauge GWR small Prairie. Bought by a chap who put together the first couple of kits, comprising frames, buffer beams and pony wheels, the remainder of the parts remain sealed in the original bags. Complete with a full set of build instructions, drawings and boiler certificate.

The finished engine ends up around 40 inches long. It's a handsome design, there are some pictures in the archive of 5 inch gauge Prairies, although to the Evans design rather than kit-built - they will at least give you an idea of the finished article.

As with all the currently-available kits, the component parts are CNC machined - in general the overall standard of finish is good. What many beginners fall out of bed over is not checking fit as the engine goes together - I get lots of kit-built engines come in 90% assembled but with the wheels locked completely solid. The idea is to fit the wheels and axles, then check that everything lines up and is free to turn before bolting the next bit on. If anything is binding up, a little work easing things off before going on will result, ultimately, in an engine that works rather than an ornament.

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