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5 inch gauge Midland Spinner - stock code 3199

An older example of Martin Evans' elegant "Princess of Wales" design, based on the Midland Railway's 4-2-2, known as "Johnson Spinners" after their designer, the ex-Great Eastern engineer Samuel Johnson.

Copper silver soldered boiler with radiant superheaters, feed by twin injectors with auxiliary hand pump in tender. Slide valves actuated by Stephenson's valve gear with screw reverser in cab. Mechanical lubricator, steam brakes.

It has the six-wheeled tender, to my eyes better proportioned than the big eight-wheeled bogie tender fitted later, complete with water scoop.

An interesting engine to drive, like all singles they have a distinctive exhaust bark and the large driving wheel revolving slowly gives an appearance of rather stately progress.

This engine has been sitting on a bookshelf for along time, it came complete with half an inch of dust and the remains of the last fire on the grate. The boiler is in sound condition, even the regulator was tight on hydraulic test. In steam it runs quietly, virtually back to mid gear. Handpump works, injectors have both spent too long on the bookshelf and the blower valve gland packing needs replacing. The dummy Salter safety valves are with the engine and require refitting.

gauge 5 inch