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5 inch gauge Maxitrak "Sapphire" 0-4-0ST - stock code 2657

I only get Maxitrak engines in occasionally. It's always surprised me, given that they've made hundreds - the only explanation I have is that they go so well their owners never sell them. Simply detailed, well proportioned and soundly engineered, they have introduced many a tyro to the art of driving a steam engine over the last twenty five years - the ones I've driven have never failed to steam and go in a most satisfactory manner.

Possibly the simplest engine possible to get started with in 5 inch gauge, this is a "Sapphire", obviously influenced by Bagnall's industrial saddle tanks. Silver soldered copper boiler, feed by axle pump with auxiliary hand pump fitted beside the boiler on the footplate. Working pressure 80psi. Gunmetal cylinders with slide valves actuated by slip eccentric valve gear. Displacement lubricator in cab.

The engine comes complete with its original assembly and operating instructions.

Length 26 inches
Height 18 inches
Driving wheels 4 inch diameter

gauge 5 inch