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5 inch gauge Maxitrak Ruston - stock code 4486

A battery-electric Ruston by Maxitrak, complete with working headlamp and sound card. Im not normally a great fan of amplified music when driving, although have to admit that Geoff and I had great fun playing with this in the workshop this afternoon (an ex-Ruston man himself, he complained the engines the wrong colour). When switched on the speaker emits a pretty authentic soundtrack of a large diesel engine firing up, its speed sensitive when driving and, best of all, shuts down with a deathly wheeze and rattle when switched off. Theres a fairly raucous horn sound you can play and, slightly bizarrely, a guards whistle as well.

It appears very little used and, for anybody who wants to collect it, will come complete with a new-looking battery if we ship it, battery is a lead-acid type and cant go by courier Im afraid.

gauge 5 inch