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5 inch gauge "Maid of Kent" chassis with drawings - stock code 2531

An early stage "Maid of Kent", LBSC's take on, variously, the SECR L1 (when built with inside cylinders) or the Midland Compound (with outside). A MoK was one of the first engines I ever owned - I saw one running at Romney Marsh Society track and was very taken with the stately progress and relaxed chuffs which you get with seven inch diameter driving wheels, shortly after I managed to buy one for myself.

This is a rolling chassis with the inside cylinders machined and fitted. There is a tidily made crank axle, fitted with valve and pump eccentric sheaves, with a set of machined straps in the box. There is a good bit of motionwork, comprising valve rods, rocking levers and expansion link die blocks - it really only needs a pair of expansion links, eccentric rods and the weighshaft making to be ready for running on air.

There are a pair of coupling rods and one part-finished coupling rod. Crankpins have been fitted to all four couple wheels, although one is loose - some 638 would sort it out.

There is a complete set of very clean drawings included. If you want to have a look at the finished item, I have an inside-cylinder MoK in stock.

Length 34 inches
Driving wheels 7 inch diameter

gauge 5 inch