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5 inch gauge LNER V1 - stock code 3726

An LNER V1 to Martin Evans' "Enterprise" design, another engine which has suffered at the hands of an owner with optimism in inverse proportion to ability. Whilst underneath is what was once a nicely made engine, the new paintwork is dire with overspray not only on the motionwork but even the lamps (which would have been a two minute job to remove before taking the top off an aerosol can). A set of new backhead fittings has been fitted - the new fountain made for them is scrap, the main steam hole down its length having made a bid for freedom out one side when our man's drill wandered off course.

Below the running boards, things look up considerably – the original builder did a good job, the chassis has been exceptionally well made, fit and finish of motionwork is good and mechanically it shows little sign of wear. Axles run in split bronze bearings, the cast iron cylinders have piston valves actuated by Gresley-Holcroft conugated gear with screw reverser in cab, twin mechanical lubricators mounted on the running boards.

Completed in 2002, the engine has it's original club twice pressure hydraulic test certificate from that date along with a complete set of the Evans construction articles.

Length 45 inches
Weight 148 pounds

gauge 5 inch