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5 inch gauge LNER 4-6-0 Sandringham - stock code 5930

An elderly model of an LNER B17 "Sandringham" class 4-6-0, not a prototype you see modelled often (for which Martin Evans and his "Springbok" design are probably to blame). This one carries a builders plate on the smokebox, dating it to 1946. Construction is highly typical of the period - nutted and calked boiler, twin ram axle pump with injector, vertical acting "bicycle" type hand pump in the tender with a level gauge under a hinged flap at the rear.

The boiler runs at a heady 60psi working pressure. A twice pressure hydraulic test showed it structurally sound with a few leaky stays in the firebox, dry at the front end - nothing to stop us steaming it as soon as we get an hour spare.

gauge 5 inch