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5 inch gauge LMS Jubilee - stock code 5710

A kit-built three-cylinder LMS Jubilee, much modified from the original design to produce a reliable runner which has been in regular club use.

Silver soldered copper boiler, 100psi working pressure, feed by twin injectors and axle pump with hand pump in the tender. Cast iron cylinders with piston valves actuated by Walschaert's gear, screw reverser in cab. Mechanical lubricator.

We've had this one running in the workshop last week, there's a clip of it here. The engine steams freely, everything works as it should although there is some wear in the valve gear (probably the first time we've ever see signs of prolonged running in a Winson engine...). Backhead fittings have been replaced with decent quality gauges and valves, the tender has a wooden coal space liner.

Locomotive 46 inches
Tender 27 inches

gauge 5 inch