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5 inch gauge LMS Black 5 - stock code 5103

A well-advanced Black 5 to Don Young's highly-regarded design. Work to date is particularly good, machining all very crisp, fit and finish of the motionwork is excellent. The chassis runs on split gunmetal axleboxes, the piston valve cylinders are in cast iron. Boiler is by Priory Boilers with original paperwork and a hydraulic test by the late builder's club dated 2006. Sometime between then and now, the boiler has been rendered somewhat less than useful by the application of a good deal of heat and not a little solder - goodness knows why, the exact circumstances remain something of a mystery in a new, unsteamed engine.

In addition to a set of drawings for the engine, there is a set of Tony Alcock "Jubilee" drawings and a few "Maid of Kent" ones thrown in for good measure (hence the drawing of a tender emblazoned with "Southern" in case you were confused). There is a comprehensive set of the builder's notes, contained in five notebooks and a quantity of enlarged and mounted black and white photographs of prototype details for reference.

Along with the engine and tender, there is a boxful of loose parts including the brake gear, injectors, water and pressure gauges, steam valves, a set of stainless steel superheaters, buffers, cylinder steam pipe covers and a large quantity of other bits and bobs including spare connecting rods and pistons. The builder was a fastidious engineer - he sadly didn't live to enjoy the fruits of his labours - who went to a great deal of trouble over the research and construction of this engine, from making a geared, rotating building stand for the locomotive through to the small die set for producing cylinder end cover gaskets.

There is the potential in this one to make a fine Black 5 - still woefully under-represented around the clubs, where there must have been ten of Evans' B1s built to every one of these. If you need some inspiration, go back and have a look at either "George Stephenson" I had in recently, or further back to the John Adams-built green "Black" 5. Whilst rather scarce in 5 inch gauge, by one of those fairly odd coincidences, we've currently also got a complete one in 10 1/4 inch gauge and a similarly advanced "Highlander" in 7 1/4 inch gauge - if a "Doris" comes in any time soon we'll have the set.

Locomotive 41 inches
Tender 27 inches

gauge 5 inch