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5 inch gauge "Lion" - stock code 3965

One of a pair of "Lion"s, built to LBSC's design twenty years ago by a local engineer. I've got both in the workshop at the moment - one I've had for a long time, it's had plenty of use, still runs well and is immensely decorative sitting in the house. The other came in recently, having spent the last few year on display having been inherited when its first owner died.

The engines are nicely made and run well. One has had light use throughout its life in the hands of the builder - it still runs particularly well, the paint is starting to show signs of wear. The other is more of a "showroom finish" model - again a very good runner, better paint, the only thing currently needing attention is a leak in the superheater at the smokebox, a simple LBSC-type "there and back" run of copper pipe down the single superheater flue.

This one is the less polished sibling with a few more miles under its wheels.

gauge 5 inch