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5 inch gauge Leek & Manifold 2-6-4T - stock code 5831

A 5 inch gauge model of Leek & Manifold No.1 "E.R.Calthrop", built from works drawings to exhibition standard and complete with a comprehensive collection of notes, drawings and photographs from the build. Credits for its build reads like a who's who of the great and good in British model engineering - valve gear was designed by Neil Simkins, boiler built by John Ellis and most of the rest of it (including the superlative paint job) was by Bob Moore. The engine was test-steamed once on completion, but is otherwise in as-new condition - we've run it on air in the workshop to dry the boiler and cylinders after a hydraulic test earlier in the week - it runs exactly as the pictures would suggest.

Silver soldered superheated copper boiler, 100psi working pressure, feed by twin injectors and axle pump with auxiliary hand pump in bunker (the bypass valve is cunningly hidden in one of the sandboxes, the sander rod in the cab turns it on and off). Cast iron cylinders with slide valves actuated by Walschaert's gear with pole reverser in cab.

There are all sorts of nice details on the engine, from the running board mounted jacks (they work beautifully, raising and lowering by positioning a ratchet) and latching cab doors to the headlamp wired through to a battery carrier hidden in the vacuum brake reservoir. Paintwork and lining is some of the nicest I've seen on a model engine of any scale.

One of the finest models of a narrow gauge locomotive I've come across, complete with a scale model of one of the Leek & Manifold's transporter wagons which were used to carry standard gauge wagons. Currently destined, however briefly, for the space in our hall recently made available when my 7 1/4 inch gauge Stirling Single moved to its new case in the library.

There is a super four minute silent movie made in the 1930s of the original railway here, showing the locomotive and transporter wagon.

Length 55 inches

Hydraulic test @200psi 30-Apr-2013, 100psi working pressure

gauge 5 inch