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5 inch gauge LBSCR Terrier - stock code 2987

A well-made example of Martin Evans' "Boxhill" design for one of Mr Stroudley's diminutive "Terriers". I won't dilate at length upon the class - you probably know what they're all about anyway, if not, have a look in the archive at the one I had last year.

This one was nicely made and painted in the first place, in more recent times some hapless creature has decided to tidy up the paintwork on the boiler barrel and smokebox. The result is horrendous, Stroudley's "Improved Engine Green" has become a sort of caramel blancmange, the perpetrator obviously hadn't heard of rubbing down (or even a second coat). It's a pity really, as the original paintwork is well done, including the lining and trompe d'oeil wheel spokes (which surely only the Victorians could have thought of doing).

Silver soldered copper boiler with two radiant superheaters. Working pressure 80psi, single safety valve underneath a pair of dummy Salter valves, feed by axle pump with auxiliary hand pump in side tank. Twin cylinders with slide valves actuated by Stephenson's reversing gear with pole reverser and mechanical lubricator in cab.

On the bright side, the engine is in good mechanical condition, goes well and the boiler is sound - it would more than repay the effort of fixing the paintwork. It comes with a set of firing irons and an excellent fitted wooden case for storage and transport.

Length 29 inches

gauge 5 inch