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5 inch gauge GWR Pannier tank "Pansy" - stock code 2038

A 5 inch gauge model of a GWR 0-6-0 Pannier tank to LBSC's "Pansy" design with much extra detailing.

Copper boiler, silver soldered throughout with superheaters, fed by injector and axle pump. Twin "soft pop" safety valves. Twin inside cylinders with Stephenson's valve gear, slide valves beneath the cylinder block with mechanical lubricator. The axles run in split leaded-bronze bearings. Valve eccentric straps and sheaves in cast iron, the crank axle is cross-drilled with oil galleries allowing lubrication of the eccentrics from outside the frames. The engine is fitted with a spark-arrester, as increasingly required for club running.

Cab controls have been extended for accessibility and fitted with heat-proof handles which makes for more comfortable driving.

By some margin the finest example of a Pansy I have had to date, the engine has been built to the highest standard, its current condition a reflection of little use and fastidious maintenance by the builder. The engine comes complete with a purpose-built storage crate.

Overall length
Weight 120 pounds

gauge 5 inch