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5 inch gauge GWR King - stock code 2241

A finely made Great Western King, the engine came from a large collection which included the large Prairie currently in stock.

Copper silver soldered boiler with superheaters, feed by twin injectors and a very serious looking double-acting pump in the tender. Four cylinders with piston valves, inner valve actuated by Walschaert's valve gear with screw reverser in cab, outer valve actuated by rocking shafts through frames. Cylinder lubrication by displacement with triple sight feeds in cab.

Cab is well detailed, semi-scale with about as many blobs and gadgets as possible whilst still keeping the thing driveable. Regulator with linked atomiser valve for lubricator, shutting off on the overrun. Boiler and steam chest pressure gauges, vacuum gauge, injector steam feeds (water feeds on tender), single water gauge as per prototype.

The tender has lockable tool boxes (with padlocks), a heavy duty handpump and a mileometer discretely mounted beneath the rear bufferbeam.

The engine is complete with a boiler in good condition, however it hasn't run in some years and will require an overhaul over the winter to attend to a number of jobs ready for use next season.

gauge 5 inch