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5 inch gauge GWR King parts - stock code 5395

A set of erected frames and quantity of parts for a 5 inch gauge Great Western King to Keith Wilson's "King John" design. A project started by a man thirty years ago whilst working at a company with the machinery to build such a thing, it has languished, greased-up, in his garage for the last twenty years.

Comprises set of frames with gunmetal horns, buffer beams and stretchers, complete front bogie, part-machined cylinders and part-machined wheels - they could all be brought to the same size, the smallest is currently a fraction under nominal.

There is a box of assorted odds and ends including copper boiler tubes, water pumps in gunmetal, crank axle, trailing axle with eccentric sheaves fitted along with a set of eccentric straps and material for connecting and coupling rods. There are formers for flanging boiler plates, along with a large quantity of drawings.

gauge 5 inch