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5 inch gauge GWR Dean 2-2-2 with boiler kit - stock code 7301

An unusual, elegant project for the more experienced builder, a Dean 157 Class 2-2-2, the originals built in the 1870s for the Great Western Railway. Regular readers may remember the Armstrong 2-2-2 "Prince Christian" we had in (very briefly) a couple of years ago - there are pictures in the archive, showing this very similar engine from the same era.

Work to date comprises a finely made chassis, well detailed and displaying a high standard of workmanship. The double frames are interesting, the outer set comprising wood sandwiched between two steel plates as per the prototype - and who said composite construction was a modern Formula 1 invention?

The previous owner after some research established that a "Butch" boiler would fit the frames and closely match the prototype, so bought same as a flanged kit of parts from Blackgates. There is a drawing for the boiler and two general arrangement drawings - one for locomotive, one for tender - by Twining.

Length 27 inches

gauge 5 inch