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5 inch gauge GWR 2-8-0 - stock code 3092

A Great Western 38xx heavy freight 2-8-0, Collet's reworking of Churchward's 28xx. Rarely modelled, it's normally passed over for the more glamorous Kings and Manors which is a pity - it's an attractive engine in its own right, the six-wheel 3500 gallon tender makes for easy access to the cab.

This engine has been built to a high standard and has had little or no use - although in running order, it still requires work to complete. It has been steamed on coal at least once, given the state of the stainless steel grate that comes with the engine. However, it has apparently since then only been used for demonstration, running on a gas burner which replaces the grate. The hand pump in the tender is the only working water feed, although there are steam and water valves along with a pair of top feeds for a pair of injectors and a crosshead pump is fitted although not plumbed up.

Silver soldered copper superheated boiler, working pressure 90psi, feed by hand pump in tender. Stephenson's valve gear with pole reverser in cab. There is a mechanical lubricator fitted between the frames, the cab contains a currently unused sight feed arrangement with regulator-linked atomiser valve.

Fit and finish of all parts is very good, the detail work is excellent, particularly the neatly done boiler cladding with dummy washout and inspection plugs.

The boiler has been tested at twice working pressure and a new certificate issued, the motion runs well on air with very crisp even exhaust beats.

gauge 5 inch