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5 inch gauge GWR 14xx - stock code 3330

Underneath the horrendous looking paintwork, there is a well put together kit-built 14xx tank engine. It goes much better than it looks, we had it running most of last Saturday afternoon down at the club where it raced round at an indecent pace, the pump keeps up with the boiler and the safety valve blows off most of the way round, even well-notched up.

Silver-soldered copper boiler, superheated, 80psi working pressure. Feed by crosshead pump and injector (plumbed for water from a tank on a driver's truck) with auxiliary hand pump in side tank. Cast iron cylinders, slide valves actuated by Stephenson's gear with screw reverser in cab. The engine has been fitted with cab-operated drain cocks, which make draining the cylinders a breeze but dropping the ashpan a pain.

The engine was painted when first put together, there is some remedial etch primer applied where the original paint has fallen off.

For the curious, there is a video of Saturday's exploits at YouTube.

Length 32 inches

gauge 5 inch