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5 inch gauge GWR 14xx boiler - stock code 5195

The previous owner believed this to be a boiler for a 5 inch gauge GWR 14xx to Neville Evans Didcot design. Looks feasible Belpaire box, right overall shape and proportions. However, its an altogether bigger thing than the ModelWorks 14xx boiler currently in stock.

Best I can do here (being short of a complete Didcot in the workshop at the moment to compare it with) is to give you the key dimensions if suitable for your project, this looks to be quite a decently-built copper boiler, all silver soldered with good solder penetration and no overheating of the plates.

The barrel has been marked "Tested 180psi" - there has been a cover soft-soldered over the dome bush, indicative of a test having been done, but it's not our work. That said, happy to supply this one with a guarantee that it's sound and will pass hydraulic test.

Length 17 inches
Barrel diameter 5 inches
Firebox length (outer) 6 inches
Overall height 9 inches

gauge 5 inch