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5 inch gauge GNR Atlantic - stock code 3667

Apologies for the pictures on this page - not the previous owner's, which are the good ones - but my three, taken as very "rough and ready" snaps in the back workshop when we were flat out getting ready to go to Alexandra Palace. The engine went down to the show with us where it was much-admired, but didn't make it back again so I didn't have a chance to get a "proper" set of pictures for the record (and can, incidentally, confirm that a 5 inch gauge Atlantic fits into the boot of an XK8 - there was almost enough room for Geoff and I to get our fingers out afterwards, you probably wouldn't want to try it with an A3).

A really nicely made 5 inch gauge Great Northern Atlantic, built in the 1980s and finely detailed, from the semi-scale backhead and working leaf springs to the use of prototypically-correct piston valves.

It came to us needing a general light overhaul, various cab fitting freeing off, some paintwork attending to and the springs re-invigorating (or whatever it is to leaf springs to make them point the right way up again). I'm sure it will get all this and more at its new home, where it's in capable hands and illustrious company. With any luck, I'll get some pictures when it's finished.

gauge 5 inch