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5 inch gauge F7 battery electric - stock code 4956

An EMD F7, built from the Maxitrak kit and, unusually, including a “B” car – in full size a booster unit, in the model it provides space for another battery. The prototypical locomtives were built in the 1950s with many still working into the 70s – several survive in preservation.

I took this one out to the club earlier in the week and enjoyed it rather more than expected – yes, it’s a huge great thing when you’re sat behind it, but moving it about with the batteries removed means no individual part is heavier than a small tank engine. Once coupled together on the track, it makes an imposing sight – there’s a short clip of it running about here. Quick and powerful, it would make a useful addition at club public running days.

Length 52 + 52 inches

gauge 5 inch