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5 inch gauge dismantled "Royal Scot" - stock code 4329

Unused - indeed in bits - these last ten years, this is another one of those well-intentioned repair jobs that got a bit out of hand.

Until that time a well-built three-cylinder "Royal Scot", a blown valve chest gasket on the centre cylinder required the smokebox to be removed for access - at this point it's as easy to lift the boiler. Making a gasket for one valve chest seemed a bit parsimonious so might as well do all three at the same time, along with a new cab roof (although judging by the state of the new one, the old one must have been pretty dire). At this point the whole project moves up a gear, the original Fowler tender is sold and a new Stanier tender started to bring the whole thing thoroughly up to date...

And that's where it's got to.

We think this is virtually a complete engine, part-stripped and missing its original tender, although with better than 80% of a new one. One or two minor blobs and gadgets have gone missing - we can't find a water gauge - but by and large everything seems to have been kept with the engine when it was disassembled. The silver-soldered copper boiler has had a hydraulic test here out of the frames, it's in good health and our inspector has issued a new certificate. The whole thing was nicely made in the first place, the valve gear is crisply machined and nicely fitted.

gauge 5 inch