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5 inch gauge dismantled LB&SCR "Terrier" - stock code 3676

Another one of those well-intenioned "tidy up" jobs following on from a repair that got out of hand.

This is a decently made little Brighton "Terrier" to Martin Evans' "Boxhill" design. It has allegedly not done a great deal of running, the condition of the motionwork would indicate so. Having developed a leaking regulator ten years ago it was stripped to repair, whereupon various bits were removed, others mislaid - it's remained in the rather sad state you see it here since.

Bits that didn't survive the overhaul include: grate and ashpan, chimney, inner dome, regulator, pressure gauge, water gauge, clack valves, lubricator, handpump, front buffers, smokebox door handles, cab rear plate.

A worthwhile project, with no a great deal of expenditure to replace the missing bits and a much needed repaint, it would make an attractive little engine, easily handled in 5 inch gauge (given that the full-size engines only look about as big as a Mini Metro). There's some pictures of a particularly good one I sold some years ago in the archive.

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