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5 inch gauge "Didcot" 14xx - stock code 2404

A 5 inch gauge model of the GWR 14xx to Neville Evans' "Didcot" design, built to a high standard by a professional engineer, the man also responsible for the part-built B1 I currently have in. Beautiful workmanship throughout, highly detailed and finished in stove enamel to keep it looking this good for many years.

Silver solderered copper boiler with superheater, fed by injector, axle pump and auxiliary hand pump in bunker. The pump bypass returns into the left hand tank in the cab - lifting a hinged locker lid allows an eye to be kept on the return feed from the pump. Inside cylinders with slide valves actuated by Stephenson's valve gear with pole reverser in cab. Mechanical lubricator behind front buffer beam.

Well-detailed throughout, with neat tank and bunker rivetting, working leaf springs, lamps and lamp irons, smokebox shed plate, warning plates in the cab etc. It has that rare and happy combination of good detail work with excellent fitting of the mechanical parts to produce an engine that really does go as well as it looks.

The engine has had very little use and is in close to new condition throughout. The slightly sticky look to the paintwork and motion in some of the pictures is as a result of preservative sprayed on in storage - it removes easily with a paraffin-wetted rag. An exceptional engine with the potential to give many years of trouble-free service.

Complete with set of drawings.

Length 33 inches
Weight approx 100 pounds

gauge 5 inch