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5 inch gauge Class 37 - stock code 3465

I sold this back in 2008 - the words and pictures below date from that time. It has recently come back in pretty much exactly the same condition, still looks lovely, still goes well.

An excellent Class 37, built to the Dan Jeavons design with much added detail by a man who spent his working life in engineering, including a time working on the full-size locomotives (he was also responsible for the 3 1/2 inch gauge GWR "Hall" chassis that I sold recently).

Twin powered bogies, 24 volt with controller mounted in an alloy box within the body and a remote control panel on a wander lead for driving. The battery compartment is lined in aluminium sheet, there is a separate 12 volt battery to run the sound card, complete with mains charger. The main batteries have a condition meter on the control box which is arranged to be visible through a side panel.

The engine has had only brief test running since completion, it has a pair of new Varta semi-traction batteries as recommended for this application and a very handsome professional paint job in two pack. The cab windows are glazed, it is in all respects as-new. The builder has taken a great deal of care over the model, right down to a gauge stick to space the bogies so that the body drops straight on and a cunningly shaped wooden lever which allows the roof to be removed without distortion. By removing the batteries and then the body from the bogies, the whole locomotive breaks down within a minute into its constituent parts, each of which can be lifted single-handed.

Complete with a set of drawings.

Length 65 inches
Weight 130 pounds excluding batteries

gauge 5 inch