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5 inch gauge "Charlatan" battery-electric - stock code 5194

A 5 inch gauge battery electric, built to Blackgates Charlatan design based on the ubiquitous Class 08 shunter. This one was built by an experienced engineer with a Simplex already to his credit the 08 was put together to fulfil a requirement for instant power on running evenings when time was at a premium.

Chassis is powered by four motors, driven from a pair of batteries through a 4QD controller running at 24 volts. There appears to be nothing by way of insulation between the battery terminals and the inside of the steel bodywork, which would appear to give endless opportunities for alfresco arc welding - the builder assured me hes never had a mishap to date, although Id be tempted to make up some plastic covers.

The batteries are recent and in good condition the condition indicator shows 26 volts at full charge and the engine pulls well, controls are on a remote box which plugs into the back.

gauge 5 inch