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5 inch gauge "Butch" - stock code 3520

A 5 inch gauge "Butch" from the same stable as the GWR Mogul I currently have in. It's complete and running (just about) but needs an overhaul - paintwork is dire, the motion needs rebushing and the offside cylinder steam pipe leaks from a union in the smokebox.

Boiler is copper, silver-soldered, working pressure 100psi. Feed by twin injectors with a hand pump in the bunker.

There's a clip of it running outside the workshop yesterday (while it was still sunny - half an hour later it was pouring with rain, just as Geoff had finished painting the new compressor shed doors).

The engine is complete with a carrying frame, it also has a detachable cab roof/rear sheet which I forgot to photograph.

gauge 5 inch