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5 inch gauge "Britannia" 4-6-2 - stock code 6120

An absolutely horrendous looking kit-built Britannia, painted indifferently in the first place, then repainted badly, then left in a damp shed. Grotty doesn't cover it.

On the plus side, it's been running in the past - indeed was in use by the late owner at his club until two years ago - although suffers from a leaky regulator. We've had it running on air on the bench in the workshop.

Really needs stripping, cleaning, repainting and then putting together carefully. You're starting from a known running engine - which is not the case with the majority of engines we see from the Winson/ModelWorks stable - the engine needs time rather than money to turn into something rather nicer. The other Winson Britannia we've just sold shows what they can look like with a bit of care.

Locomotive 50 inches
Tender 26 inches

gauge 5 inch