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5 inch gauge BR Standard Class 2 - stock code 4218

A 5 inch gauge Standard Class 2 to Don Young's fine design, built by the man responsible for the Jessie, Heisler and Port Class Hunslet which all came in last week.

Silver-soldered copper boiler, 100psi working pressure, feed by twin injectors, twin pop-type safety valves. Piston valve cylinders with Walschaert's gear, screw reverser in cab, twin mechanical lubricators.

A particularly well put together engine - lots of nice detail touches like the remote operated blowdown valve for the boiler and clock-type water gauge to show how full the tender is - it goes every bit as well as it looks. Steve and I had an afternoon down the club with it on Wednesday, we were both impressed - there's a clip here.

Built 2002
Hydraulic test @150psi, 23-5-2010
Steam test @100psi, 23-5-2010

gauge 5 inch