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5 inch gauge Black 5 - stock code 4148

I sold this one back in 2010, it's one of the finest 5 inch gauge engines I've owned, up there along with the John Adams-built Black 5 and Standard Class 5 "Camelot". It recently came back in as a part exchange - pictures and words below are from 2010, the engine is at least as clean now as it was then and now lives in a pair of purpose-built transit crates.

I don’t know whether what it is about the Black 5 that attracts the very best builders, but with the arrival of this engine in the workshop, three of the top five 5 inch gauge engines we’ve ever had in have been of this type (the John Adams-built green “Black” 5 and the standard class 5 “Camelot” being the other two of similar standard).

The work of a highly experienced engineer, this is an exhibition quality model of the unique Stephenson’s gear Black 5 which survives in preservation as 44767 “George Stephenson”. Highly detailed, it is impeccably built, fit and finish of everything is excellent.

Silver soldered superheated copper boiler, working pressure 90psi, feed by twin injectors – the water cocks are hidden beneath the water scoop dome on the tender – twin safety valves.

Gunmetal cylinders with piston valves actuated by Stephenson’s gear with screw reverser in cab. Twin Wakefield lubricators on the running boards, contra-rotating as per the prototype.

Compensated steam brakes with split shoes on the driving wheels, dummy sanding gear. Driving axles are hollow and housed in two part cast cannon boxes, bolted up and fitted with remote oil feeds from pots on the running boards, suspension by leaf springs. Motionwork is fitted with beautifully proportioned oiling pots throughout, from the connecting and coupling rods down to the expansion link pivots, gudgeon pins are fitted in the crossheads with a castellated nuts and split pins.

Cab is well laid out and neatly plumbed. Levers on the floor control drain cocks and front ashpan damper respectively, there is a brass plunger fitted at the rear which allows the ashpan to be opened and closed remotely for emptying. Cab windows slide, there are hinged wind deflectors fitted, along with a folding driver’s seat. Fireman’s seat is fixed, with locker beneath.

The tender has been fitted with a removeable lined coal-box to avoid scratching the paint beneath, chassis is fitted with leaf springs.

One of those rare engines that, the longer you look at it, the more you see (and, looking at the size of some of the locking pins in the motionwork, the more you wonder how on earth some bits were made). The boiler has just had a new hydraulic test and is in excellent condition, the engine runs every bit as well as it looks.

Available as soon as Steve has finished with it – he swears it’s not leaving the workshop until he’s run it at his club (and be warned, it might not come back…)

Locomotive 44 inches
Tender 26 inches

gauge 5 inch