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5 inch gauge battery-electric shunter with driving truck - stock code 4386

A beautifully made battery electric shunter, based on motors and controller from Parkside Electronics. Test run at the builder's club, the outfit is in as-new condition.

The running gear comprises a pair of bogies, gear-driven with four 24 volt motors powered by a pair of 12 volt batteries wired in series. There is a remote control allowing control of speed, direction, regenerative braking and horn, a master isolator switch is fitted, operated by a key in the cab. Bodywork is finely made in wood, well painted.

Driving truck has wheels set for 7 1/4 inch gauge to improve stability - the builder's club featured ground level dual gauge track - but with little difficulty the wheels could be reset for 5 inch gauge. Disc brakes are fitted to both axles, operated by a substantial lever, a pair of footboards and decent padded seat make for a comfortable driving position.

Performance is good - with two batteries on board the locomotive is heavy (I can just lift it), giving plenty of adhesion, with all axles driven it is sure-footed with the builder finding the batteries gave an afternoon's running.

Length 33 inches
Height 21 inches
Width 13 inches

Driving truck
Length 30 inches

gauge 5 inch