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5 inch gauge American 2-10-4 - stock code 7264

A 5 inch gauge American 2-10-4 - quite a big lump this one, our rail stand which comfortably handles 9Fs and Duchesses with their tenders can just about accommodate the locomotive chassis on its own.

Work to date comprises a largely complete rolling chassis, with all motion work and valve gear, smokebox assembly and a twelve wheel bogie tender. Cylinders are in cast iron, slide valves actuated by Walschaerts gear with screw reverser a long way away in the cab. We haven't got any drawings, design is probably best described as "inspired by" rather than a rivet-by-rivet rendition of a 5001. An interesting project nonetheless, it would make a super ground level 5 inch gauge machine.

Locomotive 65 inches
Tender 37 inches

gauge 5 inch