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5 inch gauge Ajax - stock code 2282

A venerable specimen of the Dick Simmonds "Ajax" design, built to a decent standard with chunky, well-fitted valve gear which appears not to have seen a great deal of use.

Silver-soldered copper boiler with superheater, feed by twin axle pumps, injector and hand pump in left hand side tank. Slide valve cylinders, Walschaerts valve gear with pole reverser in cab. The locomotive is fitted with steam brakes.

There is a recently-fitted displacement lubricator behind the front buffer beam, although no sign of an original mechanical lubricator.

A very manageable size engine, it steams up quickly. The cylinders aren't fitted with drain cocks, so starting away after a period of standing need some care to avoid a hot shower but otherwise it runs well. The smokebox handles and dart need some work - a nut and bolt is currently doing the needful holding the door shut. The injector steam valve leaks and various fittings require attention but there is the basis of a decent little engine here.

Length 28 inches
Weight approx 100 pounds

gauge 5 inch